All injuries are preventable and can be identified with a comprehensive workplace inspection. Workplace incidents are expensive and involve economic loss to both the employer and the employee. The employer’s due diligence is to ensure the workplace is inspected to the point of elimination or control of a hazard. Inspections are the most effective tool for preventing illness and injury.

To provide participants with the tools needed in order to complete an effective inspection (e.g., through physical and documentation review as well as talking to the workers doing the task), and to fully understand the complete inspection process.

This program is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices. Learning how to inspect effectively is learning about standards that govern health and safety, such as occupational health and safety legislation, codes of practice, standards, infection control and the SASWH Safety Management System, Elements 3 and 4.

Duration and Materials:
This half day session consists of classroom theory, performing the steps of an inspection and report writing. Course handouts include sample inspection checklists, applicable legislation, and a sample risk matrix.

Participants are encouraged to bring their copy of the legislation along with a current facility inspection form if available. Recommended class size is 12.

Target Audience:
This course will provide managers, supervisors, occupational committee members (OHC)/ representatives, TLR core committees and others involved in inspections, with a proper foundation and understanding of inspections. It would be beneficial for participants to have completed the OHC Level I and Level II programs prior to attending.

Specific Learnings:
Specific learning will include how to develop a site/department specific inspection form, use of incident reports in inspections, the linking of standards to recommendations, as well as writing recommendations that include target dates, accountability and follow up. Additionally, it will provide information on the roles and responsibilities of the OHC/representative, the investigation team as well as the employer and worker.Inspections.

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