Self-Evaluation Using the Standards Tool

How to Complete a Self-Evaluation Using the Standards Tool

To determine how effective the organization’s health and safety improvement efforts are the organization has to know what is going well – strengths; and know where focus is required – gaps. Completing an assessment of the safety management system is one step in determining strengths and gaps.

To provide organizations with guidance, explanation and instructions on how to complete a self-assessment of their safety management system (SMS) using the SASWH Provincial SMS Standards document.

The organization’s safety management system will meet or exceed the Saskatchewan Employment Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996, Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety inspections and third party safety audits.

Duration and Materials:
This is approximately a 4 hour presentation. Length of time is dependent on the complexity of the organization’s safety management system and the current knowledge and experience of participants. This session focuses on process and verification that looks at documentation, interviews and site inspections. Samples are provided. Recommended class size is 20.

Target Audience:
Leaders who are conducting or will be a participant in the self-assessment, occupational health committee co-chairpersons and members, organization’s occupational health and safety department or the person responsible for safety, union representation and workers who will be a participant.

Specific Learning:
How to build your assessment team, pre-assessment activities, assessment activities, post assessment activities, analyze and follow up activities.

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