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Supportive resources and services are designed to assists SASWH’s membership and program licensed employers to meet the minimum requirements of Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety (OH&S) legislation. Contact us for additional information.

A Safety Talk is a two to five minute “talk” on a safety related topic. It’s a quick safety “huddle”. The manager, supervisor or someone who is knowledgeable on the subject matter can lead the Safety Talk.

SASWH has Certified Ergonomic Specialists (CES) trained to complete office, industrial and design ergonomic assessments. It’s our goal to help reduce ergonomic stressors and prevent a workplace injury.

Respirator fit testing includes information to ensure workers understand the proper application, maintenance and pre-use testing for respiratory protection, and includes a practical demonstration that a worker can competently put on (don) and remove (doff) the respirator.

SASWH Infection Control Consultant’s focus is on prevention, preparedness and planning regarding infection control practices specific for personal care, group & residential homes across Saskatchewan.

The Provincial Healthcare Workplace violence prevention program can enhance employee and patient safety, improve the quality of patient care, and includes a 5 step program to build a stronger culture of safety.

Resources are available here to assist school divisions in creating safer workplaces through the application of the Safety Management System.  All documents and resources are aligned to achieve legislative compliance and support safety in Saskatchewan Schools.

Our Programs

Membership Guide to Programs and Supportive Services

SASWH provides a variety of programs and services and are available to assist in reaching your workplace safety goals. Our guide will provide you with all the information on what we offer our members.

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Stay informed by checking out news from SASWH as well as information from the health industry.

Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 – Safety protocols are in place for all training classes and visitors on-site. Your temperature will be taken as you enter the building. Physical distancing will be observed.